12 Trees Farms is a private company specializing in planting, managing, maintaining, and studying vegetation to sequester carbon from the atmosphere into trees, grasses, and other carbon-friendly crops. Our company name is derived from the fact that the average North American needs to plant and maintain twelve trees each year to offset the carbon generated through their everyday activities.

12 Trees Farms acquires and manages its own lands, plants its own trees, and manages them through their lifetime. We plant new trees on our own lands and manage them as part of a long-term forest plan. We visit every tree in the forest every year, replacing dead or dying trees, maintaining the health and vibrancy of each tree, as well as the entire forest. We prefer degraded or marginal land, reclaiming it to retain and manage sparse precipitation, to improve habitat, and to provide jobs, taxes, and education to rural or under-served communities. We use the lowest tech possible to achieve our goals. We are actively seeking third-party green certifications to assure you our carbon offsets are among the best in the world.

When you buy carbon offsets from us, we'll send a signed certificate of the GPS coordinates of the tree/s corresponding to your offsets (we select them by hand), details of the tree/s such as the tree's species, setting, any photos we have, as well as their size and age. We provide yearly, written updates on each tree or grove associated with your carbon offsets, signed by a forester. If your tree/s suffer fire, wind, or animal damage over the course of its/their life/lives, we will replace them with equivalent or better trees, and send you a new certificate. You can buy single trees, groves, or entire forests.

Let us plant your trees for you, your friends and family, or your business.