12 Trees

If you want to be carbon neutral this year, let us transform your carbon into trees. It's really simple: by planting one tree a month, each person can remove up to one ton of carbon from the atmosphere, each month. That's how carbon offsets work -- by taking carbon out of the atmosphere to offset the carbon your actions put there.

Be among the first to buy our pioneering high quality carbon offsets.

We have a stock of existing trees, and plant new trees every year to add to our carbon-storage capacity. Our trees, located in the New Mexico uplands, lock carbon into trees for generations. We plant trees and carefully manage them so they will live for hundreds of years. We harvest the limited rainwater that falls on the forest, introduce earthworks to store and redirect water, plant mixed species of drought tolerant trees, and we constantly add nutrients to improve the soil. These are just a few of our everyday practices so our forests -- and your carbon offsets -- will last for hundreds of years.

We price our carbon offsets below the global market rate and offer a variety of options. We'll help you understand why trees are the best, most recognized, and easiest way to offset the carbon your day-to-day life generates. We'll also help you plant and manage your own trees, and help you teach your family, friends, and co-workers how they can be carbon neutral themselves.

12 Trees is a minority-owned and operated small business specializing in establishing and improving forest lots in degraded, arid, and semi-arid lands in the United States. Our products include carbon offsets priced for individuals, families, and small businesses, seeds and seedlings, wood products from deadwood from our forests, and education and training.

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